Grass Fed Lamb 

All our lamb is:​ 100% Grass-Fed

•No Pesticides •No GMOs •No Irradiation •No MSG •No Nitrates •No Preservatives

lamb chopw.jpg
At Good Earth Organic Farm, our lamb grazes on pastures that are never treated with pesticides, herbicides or commercial fertilizers. They eat our organic grass and hay, and fertilize our fields; no GMO feed, grains, or hormones are involved. We exclusively use a local, family-owned Animal Welfare approved facility for processing our lamb. We care for our sheep, not just raise them.

     The foundation of a pasture-based farming operation is raising grass. Having ruminants that thrive on grass not only provides satisfied healthy meat, but when properly managed, also improves the quality and quantity of the pasture itself. When you stop by the farm you can see this management concept at work.

The key to our operation is providing the sheep with a fresh section of pasture each and every day. Variously called strip grazing or intensive grazing, the daily move provides high nutrition, efficient spreading of all-natural fertilizer, an effective means of parasite control, and also allows the grass an appropriate rest between grazings.