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Unfortunately with a heavy heart we will not be having strawberries this year.

"Why?": Due to supply chain issues, we were significantly hindered in our ability to order new plants on time. Also, with the record heat wave we had last year proved challenging to keep the healthy plants alive.

We encourage everyone to please look for other local farms to support! We appreciate each and everyone of you that have supported our you pick 'em strawberries, and we hope to have a healthy crop next season for everyone to enjoy! 



Select Book Now below

for every two people, you will need to purchase a basket


Book your time

Make payment online


Show up
at the farm

Pick up the baskets you paid for on the rack in front of the farm store

Follow sign to the strawberry patch and remember to keep social distance


We can't guarantee 

We cannot guarantee the strawberries availability as there are many factors that go into having strawberries, including but not limited to the amount of people that pick strawberries prior to your visit, the amount of sun and rain the strawberry plants receive, and insects

(since we do not spray harmful pesticides/herbicides)




We want you to have a great picking experience

If you cannot fill your basket due to there not being enough strawberries, please contact us via social media, email or phone and we will work with you to reschedule another time. Because there are no guarantees, we will not be issuing refunds


Thank you for understanding!

This is a working farm with animals and equipment. Parents will be responsible for keep an eye on their kids and keeping them out of restricted areas and off of equipment. There are dangers and risks to be avoided. Use common sense, be mindful that this is my home, be respectful.

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