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Find fresh, seasonal and unique foods at our market booth.  Certified organic, sustainable and family farmed !  

Good Earth Organic Farm is a family farm serving the Dallas Metro area and Northeast Texas since 1984. Our farm has been maintained organically for 30 years and certified organic for 12 years.


Burgundy okra,  mizuna, fantasic arugula.........find vegetables that only farmer's can deliver fresh.  Our products are fresh picked for maximum nutritional value.  We don't use waxes, coatings, soaking solutions or preservatives.

  • Certified organic vegetables, grass-fed lamb and free range eggs. 

You can find our booth at a nearby farmer's market or pick up here at the farm. We grow your basic garden fare without the use of pesticides, herbicides, GMO's or chemical fertilizers.  Our farm is currently certified organic.  We adhere to NOP standards and are inspected, tested and audited by a 3rd party to confirm compliance.  Those wishing to ensure they are eating local, organic products from a real farm, are encouraged to visit us at the farm or farmer's  market. 



 A chilly January morning at the McKinney Farmer's Market,  held at the Chestnut Square Historic Village.  Pickup your farm preorders here and see what other vendors have to offer. 


Farmer's Markets   We attend local Farmer's Markets so our customers have closer pickup locations.  We sell vegetables that we grow here on our farm - so you will always be buying local, in-season organic products from our booth.  Look for the Good Earth Organic Farm banner.

We encourage you to sign up for our email notification list or join our Facebook page. We will keep you updated with our product list and the markets we are attending as well as pre order options.


Currently we sell our farm goods at the Coppell Farmers Market,the  Dallas Farmers Market, the McKinney Farmers Market @ Chestnut Square and the White Rock Local Market. To keep track of the market's schedule and where we are each week, send your email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   We will keep you posted on our farm products and where to get them.




 FYI - Not all produce at farmer's markets is local or organic !   The White Rock Local Market is the only farmers market requiring that vendors grow (locally) 100% of what they sell, being organic is optional.  Kudos to this truly local market !


Grass-fed lamb Our lambs are 100% grass-fed, no antibiotics, no feedlots and we use an Animal Welfare Approved processor.  Individual cuts can be purchased at the farm and farmer's market when available. more

Free-range eggs  Our hens enjoy spent vegetables from the garden, insects, grasses, seeds, forbs, wildflowers and legumes. Our hens range on pasture and roost in portable housing at night. Non-medicated, non-soy, non-gmo,  whole grain supplements are provided when needed. Eggs are $6.00 a dozen. We use no pesticides on our hens or their pasture. more








 Where to buy-


 Farm store: Pickup by appointment. Lamb, eggs and in season produce.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us or call 903-496-2070 to check inventory and set up a pickup time.

McKinney Farmer's Market on Saturday, 04/26/14 from 8am-noon. 

 White Rock Local Market

on Saturday 04/26/14 from 8am-1pm.

What we are bringing to both markets -

Our fresh, certified organic harvest of Spring greens. Kale, arugula, spinach, Swiss chard,  leaf lettuce and more. 

In addition to the above veggies, at the McKinney market we will also offer farm fresh eggs and grass-fed lamb.


No GMO's

No pesticides

No herbicides

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Lamb prices (per pound) (avg weight/avg pieces)

Leg  - $9.99 (4-4.5lbs/1)

Shoulder - $7.99 (4-5 lbs/1)

Ground - $7.99 (1lb/1)

Stew meat - $8.99 (1lb/1)

Shanks - $4.99 (1.5lb/2)

Chops, loin - $10.99 (1.5lb/6 )

Chops, rib - $13.99 (1.5lb/6)

Chops, shoulder - $8.99 (2lb/3)

Ribs - $3.99 (2lb/3strips)

Bones - $2.99 (2lb/varies)

Liver, heart, kidney - $3.99 (1lb,.5lb,.25lb)

Our processor is Bluebonnet Meat Company in Trenton, Tx, and they are Animal Welfare Approved.  Visit for more information. 

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 Please include the MARKET and DATE that you will pickup and a phone number !

Next planned markets:*

April 26th - McKinney Farmers Market

April 26th-White Rock Local Market @ Green Spot

May 3rd - Dallas Farmer's Market

*weather, insects and other acts beyond our control can keep us from a market !  We grow all our own produce, eggs and lamb, so if we don't have it, we won't be at the market! Growing organically and working with nature does limit us at times, but we know that's what our customers expect.  Thank you farm supporters !

Email us to be added to our list of farm notifications - next market attendance, vegetables currently available, specials, etc.  You can like our Facebook page also.

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Farm pickup - 8571 FM 272 Celeste 75423
903-496-2070 or 903-453-4040




100% grass-fed beef

Certified organic pasture 
Animal Welfare Approved 

American Grassfed Association


Wes and Kelly Adams, beef artisians

Produced by Adam's Blackland Prairie Farm in Ladonia, Texas, about 30 minutes Northeast of Good Earth Organic Farm.  Ask for Kelly's grassfed beef cooking tips - her tried and true methods for the best beef dishes.












 Boomerang and hens

 Boomerang, a rescue mule and our flock.  Supporting our farm supports open space, carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat, no pesticide use, rescued equine and felines, happy hens, small suppliers and much more. 


If you are one of the few that gets out of bed on Saturday mornings to venture out to the market, we thank you.

We appreciate the time you take to be a farm supporter !


 Egg Rainbow

We incur the added expense of raising heritage breeds of hens for eggs.  These varities are not used by factory farms.  Only small farmers keep them going !  For more information about endangered breeds visit The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. 


The more you shop with real farmers, the more you find out how your choices are limited by supermarkets and produce dealers.  Keep your friends close and your farmer closer !  Go local, small and organic.

 Member Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance

Member Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association



Our space at the Coppell Farmer's Market. 


What Exactly Is Local Food?

Talk of local food is everywhere. But what does it mean? How local is local? Local is shorthand for an idea that doesn't have a firm definition. Unlike organic standards, which entail specific legal definitions, inspection processes, and labels, local means different things to different people, depending on where they live, how long their growing season is, and what products they are looking for. Practically speaking, local food production can be thought of in concentric circles that start with growing food at home. The next ring out might be food grown in our immediate community - then state, region, and country. For some parts of the year or for some products that thrive in the local climate, it may be possible to buy closer to home. At other times, or for less common products, an expanded reach may be required. People who value local as their primary food criterion are sometimes referred to as locavores. The term "locavore" was coined by Jessica Prentice from the San Francisco Bay Area for World Environment Day 2005 to describe and promote the practice of eating a diet consisting of food harvested from within an area most commonly bound by a 100 mile radius. With such excitement and momentum building in the local food movement, the New Oxford American Dictionary chose locavore as its word of the year in 2007. One easy way to start buying local is to choose one product to focus on. Vegetables are often a good place to start. Produce also offers a good introduction to eating seasonally?an excellent way to learn about local agriculture. Then, try seeking out sources for local meat or dairy. While local is certainly a flexible term, the basic concept is simple: local foods are produced as close to home as possible. Buying local supports a more sustainable food system because true sustainability goes beyond the methods used in food production to include every step that brings food from farm to plate.





Local vs. Sustainable 

Sustainable agriculture involves food production methods that are healthy, do not harm the environment, respect workers, are humane to animals, provide fair wages to farmers, and support farming communities. Sustainability includes buying food as locally as possible. Buying local food does not guarantee that it is sustainably produced. Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, factory farming, hormone use, and non-therapeutic use of antibiotics can all be involved in local food production, so it's important to make sure that the local food you buy is from farmers or gardeners using sustainable methods.When considering the sustainability of a product there are a lot of questions to ask, so if a store or producer is advertising that their food was raised locally, take the time to ask a few questions like: "Do you know how these animals were raised?" or "Do you know the name and location of the farm where this product was grown?"






    Our space in front of the Dulaney House at Chestnut Square Historical Village, home of the McKinney Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings from 8am 'till noon.