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Our mission is not only to provide the highest quality food we can.
It is also to empower people to live more sustainably and in harmony with the Good Earth.
We love having people come out and experience farming and sustainable living. 

Good Earth Organic Farm is open for visitors by appointment. We can offer school groups an outdoor, educational experience. Visits consist of an informational talk from one of the staff members about what we are currently doing on the farm along with a tour and description of our sustainable practices.

You will get a chance to see the garden and whatever we have planted at the time. Because farming is seasonal, every visit to the farm is a different experience. Depending on the time of year, students could get to see sheep or lambs.
Part of what we like to do on our tour is allow students to pick and eat directly from the garden. However we can not guarantee that there will be anything ready to pick because farming depends on so many different factors.
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  • $11 per person (free for kids under 2)
  • We ask that you have at least a 1 to 10 chaperone to child ratio
  • We can offer a healthy, organic lunch for your group upon request PRIOR to arrival 
  • Our meals start at $15. these must be prepaid 7 days before arriver. Ask about what we have available and be sure to tell us about any allergies
  • Guests are welcome to use our composting toilet
  • We have several sheep dogs on the property some of whom roam around outside of the fenced in areas and all of whom are friendly!
  • This is a working farm with animals and equipment. Parents will be responsible for keep an eye on their kids and keeping them out of restricted areas and off of equipment. There are dangers and risks to be avoided. Use common sense, be mindful that this is my home, be respectful.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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