You Pick 'Em! Strawberries 

Picking dates are available from April to June 2021

Come out and pick your own
100% organic strawberries!

***No guarantee on strawberries***

What you need to know:


DUE TO COVID-19, we will be limiting the amount of people on the farm each session. Please limit the number of people in your party to 4. One basket is about 3 quarts (6 pounds). Click the "Book now" button above to continue. Can't wait to have you out! 

For every two people, you will need to purchase a basket


If there are two people in your group you will be required to purchase one basket, for 4 people you will be required to buy 2 baskets, if there are 6 people you will be required to buy 3 baskets etc.

Growing Strawberries  

There are a lot of factors that go into having strawberries. These factors include, but are limited to: the amount of people that pick strawberries prior to your visit, the amount of sun and rain the strawberry plants receive, and insects (since we do not spray harmful pestisides/herbicides). We want everyone who comes out to the farm to pick strawberries to have a great experience. If you come out and cannot fill your basket due to there not being enough strawberries, please reach out to us via Facebook, Instagram, email or phone and we will work with you to reschedule another time. Because there are no guarantees, we will not be issuing refunds. Thank you for understanding!

When you get to the farm store you will see a table with yellow harvesting buckets. Please pick up the number of yellow buckets you paid for. The buckets are on a rack in front of the farm store. After you pick up your container(s), please walk away from the store and follow the signs to the strawberry patch. Remember to keep your social distance! 

Parking is Free!

Compost toilet 

No Entry for Animals 

***No guarantee on strawberries***

Paul Magedson with Strawberries

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