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Celeste TX, 75423


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Who We Are

           Good Earth Oranic Farm began in 1984 and has grown a lot since then. A 175 acre property deep in the heart of northeast Texas cotton country, this land was originally full of harmful chemicals that had been used by the previous owners to grow their crops. After a 35 year process of rotating livestock and cover crops, the soil has come alive. What was once dead and full of toxins is now sweet smelling, fertile soil. We received our organic certification about 5 years ago from the state of Texas. After testing the soil, the organic certifier for the state of Texas reported that the residue from the toxins previously used has been reduced to zero. 
       We offer fresh, organic produce, as well as grass-fed, pasture-raised lamb. We realize staying conscious of our ecosystem helps preserve this planet for future generations, so our plants, pastures, and livestock have never been treated with pesticides, herbicides, or other toxic chemicals. Building community is important to us at Good Earth Organic Farm. We cater to the local community and even stock products made by local folks in our farm store.
        Some of the things we are growing at the moment include fruit trees, grapes, seasonal vegetables, garlic, and of course our popular u-pick em  strawberries. If you come out to the farm you'll have the pleasure of meeting all of our furry friends. New born lambs expected in early April. We've got grass fed sheep, mules, dogs and cats that love new faces. On the property we have several structures including a 100 year old barn, a new hay barn, a green house, workshops, several smaller barns, a shade house, and a brand new tiny house!
Member Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance
Member Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Katahdin Hair Sheep International
WWOOF USA (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms)
         To keep in touch with "The Folks Who Grow Your Food" you can sign up for our email notification of seasonally available items and where they are available. You can also like our Facebook page. To get information about what we are doing here visit our Contact Us page or come stop on by. Stay organic!