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Please Support Your Local Farmers!

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Farm Store and Kitchen Rental

Coming soon!

The farm store will be open by mid to late March 2019

          The mission of the Good Earth Organic Farm Store is to supply local products to

the local community. We want to be an outlet for local farmers to sell their products

and build a community of people who come together to share their experience and knowledge. You don’t have to look far to find a wealth of high-quality products and information. The mission of the store is to bring producers and consumers together and take advantage of what our community has to offer.

         We are looking for a group of enthusiastic local people to get involved in making the store successful. Artisans can commit to selling their products in the store on a short-term or long-term basis.  The store will be open 2 days a week with someone running it. Along with sellers, we also need people interested in taking on administrative roles to get this community project organized and rolling. In addition to the store hours we are planning on organizing monthly gatherings where sellers and the community can come to get together to show  and tell each other what they know about sustainable living practices. We hope that this will be a place with lots of knowledge exchange and a strong sense of community for everyone who comes through.

       Please come by or contact us if you are interested in getting involved and helping make the store a success. 

    Ths store is also our home base here at Good Earth Organic Farm for picking up products, entrance to the farm for tours and You Pick 'Em's, and other classes and events. The store sells lamb, salads, and fermented drinks and vegetables from our farm. We also offer bulk salads for meetings, events, or personal use. Look online to see current offers or come see us.

Certified Kitchen

We are excited to offer a state of the art industrial kitchen as part of our updated Farm Store. We want to offer this space to local folks who are looking to get creative but don't necessarily have the space or facilities the need in their own home. It is available to rent for events and parties for all of your cooking, baking, or canning needs. 

 How to Get Started


1)  Schedule a tour of our kitchen by contacting Paul Magedson.


2)  Review and complete the Facility User Agreement And Policy Guide.


3)  Provide a copy of your Registered Food Manager's certificate.

All persons using the kitchen are required to have a Food Manager's Certificate and be registered with the city of Dallas.


4)  Submit Certificate of Insurance (COI).

We require all our clients to have general liability insurance with your policy listing Culinary Kitchen & Beyond, LLC as "Additional Insured".


5)  Pay your appropriate kitchen fee.

This fee covers the cost of annual health permit renewals, gas, water, electricity, bi-weekly trash removal, monthly pest control, quarterly grease trap disposal, freezer/cooler use and temperature monitoring, equipment repairs and maintenance, cleaning service, cleaning chemicals and kitchen supplies.

6)  Pay your Security Deposit of $250.

 Contact Paul Magedson to receive support to help you complete these items.  Once you have completed these items, you are a registered client!

For more information see the documents below.