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 We want our customers and potential customers to visit our farm to "Know who grows your food".  We see you at the farmer's market each week and appreciate the time you take to purchase our products !   Without your commitment to buy local, organic produce and grass fed lamb,  we could not farm in a sustainalbe, eco-friendly manner.

Planning, planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, marketing and going to farmer's markets consume most of our time, and then some !  However, we want our regular market customers to get a chance to see the farm that they support. 

Several times a year, we plan farm gatherings around our regular work and would love to have you visit.  You can even volunteer to help out at these gatherings !  We will keep you informed with handouts at the markets and on our farm email notification list.  We also post this information on our Facebook page and our webpage. 



Farm Rules and Guidelines

Waivers must be signed 

No Smoking or other tobacco products 

No pets or other animals Please do not bring pets/animals due to contamination risk.  

Stay off equipment, fences and gates. It is not safe to climb on, over or under these items.

Watch your step - the ground is rough and uneven. There are no sidewalks on the farm, wear appropriate footwear.

Watch your children - do NOT allow them to wander. We are a real farm, not an amusement park.

Gates - leave them as you found them. If they were closed, close them. If they were open, leave them open.

Restricted areas - do not enter for safety reasons - i.e. bees, snakes, seedlings, livestock, planted area, etc.

We recommend that you wear clothes and footwear that you don't mind getting dirty. If it has rained recently, it will be muddy at the farm, bring extra shoes/boots if desired.  You will be out of doors - no air conditioning or heating - so bring hat/cap, umbrella, sunscreen, water, insect repellant and lawn chairs for persons that cannot stand for long periods of time. 



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